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Korg releases improved D16
Korg have released a major new software upgrade for the D16, their 16-track, all-in-one digital multi-track recorder. At the top of the new features list has to be CDR Back-up facility. This allows you to back up your whole multitrack recording to inexpensive CDR media. An additional interesting feature is the Import/Export WAV facility. Check out the Korg site for more info at
E-mu Ensoniq upgrades
E-mu Ensoniq have launched updates for its products. Users of the Paris hard disk recording system, Audity 2000 and Proteus 2000 sound module can get upgraded to brand new operating systems simply by visiting their site.The new upgrades include increased software flexibility, increased editing features and more. Get your Emu/Ensoniq upgrades from
Turtle Audiotron MP3 machine
The Turtle Beach AudioTron is a device that incorporates home networking technology to remotely play digital music stored on a user's personal computer, as well as audio originating from the internet. For instance, an AudioTron in the living room can play WMA and MP3 files saved on a PC located in another part of the house. Turtle Beach is currently working with a number of industry organisations to define the rights management attributes of AudioTron, as well as with selected music labels to ease the ability of AudioTron owners to audition and purchase songs through the unit.
New virtual synths
The VirSyn software synth for Windows is the latest in the growing roster of keyboard-less synthesis, combining analogue and digital models. 8-dimensional sound spaces and up to 12 modular synths can be used on VirSyn's new product. The software also includes a 64-step sequencer which can be utilised as is or as an arpeggiator, and up to 256 sequences can be stored, arranged and mixed down with effects.
FXpansion Audio release new Amulet program
Experts in the field of VST to DirectX adapters, FXpansion, will soon release their new Amulet program. Building on the popularity of the original version of the Amulet program, enabling VST and DirectX files to work together FXpansion Audio have upgraded the package to offer full support for Steinberg VST's V2.0 virtual instrument standard, and can now also be utilised in Cakewalk and SEK'D applications. It also features realtime control and new users can look forward to improved MIDI automation, as well as a new improved user interface.Plug-in control and improved timing. More info from

VST-DX Wrapper

SpinAudio Software, a developer of professional audio processing plug-ins for the music industry has released the Pro version of VST-DX Wrapper. This new version allows the creation of individual DX versions of VST plug-ins providing full integration of VST 1.0 technology into DX environments. The product comes with Wizard, an application to manage the wrappers and DirectShow filter template file. The new Wrapper supports all DX and VST 1.0 functionality including separate presets management that includes mapping of VST presets to DX Static presets, automatic save/load plug-in state on startup and close. More information can be found at

Virtual Sampler

The Virtual Sampler is a hardware sample-player emulator for Intel-PC with the Windows operation systems. It turns every DirectX- or ASIO-soundcard into a sampler and synth at the same time. Virtual Sampler, also called Vsampler, manages soundbanks of virtually unlimited size. The program supports realtime effects for the sounds, such as ADSR envelopes, filters, reverb, chorus, delay etc. Additional to the effects VSampler supports external VST effect plugins too. Velocity crossfades allow you to use different samples in dependence of the velocity for very realistic instruments. More information on
Korg's 24-bit 16-track digital portable studio
The Korg 24-bit 16-track digital studio is a portable, digital studio with effects, digital mixing with recall, and built-in mastering. It provides everything you need for recording and mixing in one box: an all digital, hardware solution. Looking similar to the previous released digital studio (DS), it differs in that the D16 has a large angled touch-screen as well as 13 faders on the front panel. As the D16 weighs only 2kg and measures just 357 x 245 x 72mm, it really could fit into a Cornflakes packet, and the overall
look of the D16 is very slick indeed. Finished in metallic blue with backlit buttons and that great backlit touch-screen, it really looks the part. The connections are all there too: inputs 1-2 are on XLR/jack combination, with the jack part being TRS balanced. Inputs 3-8 are all on unbalanced jacks, and there's also a dedicated guitar input on 1/4" jack. The master outs are on RCAs, as are the monitor outs. The D16 also sports a single auxiliary out on an unbalanced jack, as well as the usual phones output on stereo 1/4" jack. The inclusion of S/PDIF I/O on optical connectors allows the transfer of all audio in the digital domain, a must for this kind of product. The MIDI I/O are located next to the SCSI port, which enables the connection of an external hard drive or a CD-R burner.
Emagic EXS24 sampler
Emagic have gone into sampling with their latest release, the EXS24. The EXS24 Xtreme Sampler is a fully professional software-based sampler for both Mac and Windows platforms. AIFF, WAV, SDII formats will all be catered for when the beast hits the street very soon, with a rather attractive retail price of around $350.
Roland releases new desktop digital mixer with the VM-3100
To create a desktop mixer with various analogue controls that pass the noise and readability test costs lots of lucre. Each component must be very quiet in its own right, as the background noise level is the sum of all the constituent components. Convert the sound to digital signals however, and the designer can use software routines to control EQ, signal routing and volume. Adding on-board effects becomes a cinch and semi-automated routines are simply a matter of providing enough memory. Sound quality is primarily dependent on one major component: the analogue-to-digital converter. With the VM-3100, Roland has produced a clever approach that is an extension of the design principle used in its highly successful VS series of digital recorders.
Roland VP-9000 sampler provides "feel" factor
Vari Phrase; a new technology from Roland, will completely reshape the way sampling is approached. Complete control is gained over pitch, groove, timing and formant (the "feel" factor of a sample), all in real time. Loads of options are, so check out for further details.

New digital audio processor from Mobius
Building on the foundations of the award winning WaveSurgeon, Mobius takes the loop editor a stage further by combining it with a full sample editor to provide a unique processing solution. Features include a full range of editing tools coupled to direct to disk playback and recording, full compatibility with DirectX and VST plug-ins for 24-bit audio processing and comprehensive support for a wide range of formats, including SoundFont, GigaSampler, Pinnacle, and DLS is also included. More info at

Fairlight releases Prodigy audio workstation
Prodigy is the latest digital audio workstation from Fairlight, a fully-integrated system designed for digital audio production, post-production and mixing. Comprising a 24-track disk recorder, digital audio editor and a fully-automated digital mixer in the one package, Prodigy provides all the power and flexibility you need whether you're in post-production for film, television, music, advertising or broadcast audio. More info at
New Yamaha sampler/processor
Yamaha's new SU200 Loop Factory Sampling Unit is a powerful, phrase sampler and effects processor that is the ideal addition for any DJ rig, MIDI rig or live performance set-up. The SU200 is loaded with features designed to produce dance and loop-based music. The SU200 accepts both line and mic level input sources. A SmartMedia™ slot allows import and export of WAV files so sounds can be downloaded from the Internet and transferred to a computer for further editing or storage. The SU200 is the first ever portable sampler with Loop Track Play mode (internal BPM sync), which automatically synchronises playback of multiple samples and loops with different tempos.

Three banks of eight sample pads provide quick access to up to 24 sounds. More info on
New synth from Clavia
Nord Lead 3 is a 20-voice synth that offers a wide range of features. A new type of unison with maintained full polyphony opens up extremely rich and fat polyphonic sounds. The redesigned oscillator section has much to offer. There are two separate oscillator groups, each providing you with six different waveforms, plus an additional built-in sync oscillator. The extra sync oscillators make it possible to create two separately synched waveforms per voice. In other words, no need to sacrifice one audio oscillator just to sync another.
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