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13-12-07 UK’s top 10 of most downloaded songs and albums of 2007
Apple iTunes have released their official charts for the most downloaded tracks and albums of 2007 in the UK. Mika's “Grace Kelly” was the most down-loaded song, followed by Rihanna's “Umbrella.” Amy Winehouse's “Back To Black” album was the most downloaded album of the year, followed by Mika's “Life In Cartoon Motion.”
Top 10 iTunes song downloads of 2007:
1. Mika - Grace Kelly
2. Rihanna - Umbrella
3. The Fray - How To Save A Life
4. Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
5. Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah
6. Kanye West - Stronger
7. Kate Nash - Foundations
8. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
9. Sugababes - About You Now
10. Take That - Shine
Top 10 iTunes album downloads:
1. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
2. Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion
3. Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
4. Mark Ronson - Version
5. Newton Faulkner - Hand Built by Robots
6. Take That - Beautiful World
7. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
8. Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob
9. Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
10. Timbaland - Shock Value
06-12-07 New Queen single available online
Queen & Paul Rodgers have recorded a new single, titled "Say It's Not True," to commemorate World AIDS Day. The track is Queen's first studio effort with Paul Rodgers and is available as a free download from the band's Web site. Recently, Queen was reactivated with Rodgers replacing the late Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS complications in 1991.According to Paul Rodgers the band is working on a new album, due next year.

The Pirate Bay integrates content
The Pirate Bay has launched its new music feature, showing data from that includes more detailed artist info. The new feature also features an embedded player to stream the music before downloading. The new music feature replaces The Pirate Bay's planned resurrection of the OiNK service, which was shut down last month after a legal challenge. makes technology tools available to the public allowing virtually anyone to use its data and does not work with any external site to manage any integration, and that includes The Pirate Bay.
20-11-07 Beatles catalogue available online next year
Paul McCartney has said that the Beatles' catalog will see its digital release next year.
According to McCartney, delays in bringing the Beatles music to the Internet have been caused by contractual issues as well as deliberate planning. Meanwhile, he is releasing "The McCartney Years," a three-DVD set that features videos and concert footage from throughout his solo career including newly recorded tracks. "The McCartney Years" is released together with an expanded edition of his latest album "Memory Almost Full" which includes three bonus tracks.
07-11-07 Bittorent site The Pirate Bay promotes band Lamonte
Bittorrent tracking site The Pirate Bay is promoting the band Lamonte. A link to download the band’s new album for free can be found on the site’s homepage. The user is offered the album, video’s and merchandise and MySpace links. According to The Pirate Bay, the album was downloaded more than 100,000 times in the first 24 hours after the posting,
24-10-07 Music file-sharing Web site OiNK shut down
UK-run music file-sharing Web site OiNK. has been closed as a result of a criminal investigation by IFPI (International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry), BPI (British Phonographic Industry), Cleveland UK’s police and the Fiscal Investigation Unit of the Dutch police, into suspected illegal music distribution. Also a criminal investigation was announced into the identities and activities of the site's users. The site was described by the IFPI as the world's biggest source of pirated pre-release albums and has been the subject of a two-year investigation overseen by Interpol. A 24-year-old man was arrested in the UK on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and copyright infringement. The site's servers, which were based in Amsterdam, were seized in a series of raids last week too. According to police, OiNK provided illegal downloads of pre-release music and media to its members, who had joined the site on an invite-only basis and were asked to contribute donations via debit or credit card. According to the IFPI, albums had been posted on the OiNK Web site, and download by its users that passed the content on to other Web sites, forums and blogs, where multiple copies were made. OiNK utilized peer-to-peer technology BitTorrent to distribute music and had become one of the more popular file-sharing sites on the Web.
05-10-07 Recording industry wins first P2P trial against music downloader
A Minnesota jury has decided that Jammie Thomas is liable for infringing 24 recordings she shared over online peer-to-peer service Kazaa. The verdict for $222,000 came in the first trial held in a suit filed against a consumer by major labels for P2P file sharing. Six labels sued for infringement of 24 recordings, a sample of the 1,702 audio files they claimed Thomas shared over Kazaa, which included titles by Janet Jackson, Richard Marx, Journey, No Doubt, Green Day, Sarah McLachlan and Godsmack. Thomas had denied that she was involved in any file sharing and declined an earlier settlement proposal of the recording industry for a few thousand dollars.
03-10-07 New Radiohead album available as download
Radiohead have officially revealed that their new album is ready and that it will be available for download in a few days. The new effort will be titled “In Rainbows” and the band have not set a price for the download version of the album. The band wil let the customer decide how much they want to pay for the release. The download version will be available on October 10, while the discbox will be out December 3.
26-09-07 Starbucks to give away free digital songs
Starbucks are planning to give away 1.5 million free songs every day starting October 2. The company has teamed up with iTunes to give away tracks by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Band Of Horses, amongst others, with the number of songs available set to reach 50 million by November 7. Customers can get a free 'song of the day' card throughout the promotion which will also feature material from Paul McCartney, John Mayer and Joss Stone. The chain is also implementing their 'Wi-fi Music Store' service, which will start in New York and Seattle. The service will enable customers to buy tracks wirelessly from the chain's Hear Music label at the shops.
20-09-07 Radiohead makes albums available online
Radiohead will for the first time ever make digital downloads of their music available. Albums by the band such as "The Bends" and "OK Computer" will be made available through online music service 7digital from the UK. Only full albums will be available, and not any individual track downloads. The catalog will be sold without any DRM protection.
13-09-07 Amazon online music service
Amazon’s upcoming music service is expected to go live soon. The company has been testing the service internally for weeks now. The service has generated high expectations and interest for several reasons. The digital addition to its regular CD shop is expected to be a serious competitor to Apple's popular iTunes service and Amazon has taken the step of selling music only in unprotected MP3 format. This also means that only tracks from EMI, certain releases from Universal Music Group and a number of independents will be available.
15-08-07 John Lennon music available via iTunes
John Lennon's solo music catalogue is available via iTunes. 16 of Lennon's solo albums can be downloaded with the “Lennon Legend” and “Acoustic” compilation albums making their worldwide digital debut. For a limited period, some exclusive video footage will be included with some of the downloads.
07-08-07 AC/DC make their music catalogue available online through Verizon Wireless
AC/DC is selling its music digitally through Verizon Wireless. The company has bought the exclusive rights to sell the band's entire back catalog through March 2008, becoming the first and only digital music store to legally offer AC/DC content. The deal is limited to full-album downloads, which is one of the main reason's AC/DC's music has not appeared in digital form to date. The only exception is the group's biggest hit, "You Shook Me All Night Long," which will be available as an over-the-air download. Verizon has also gained the rights to sell ringtones and ringback tones of 18 new tracks not available from any other operators.
01-08-07 AT&T and partner eMusic make full-song mobile downloads available
AT&T Wireless has unveiled its over-the-air full-song music download service through a partnership with eMusic. AT&T subscribers will have access to the entire 2.7 million-strong eMusic catalog though a service dubbed eMusic Mobile. Users can buy tracks in bundles of five for $7.50. Once their five-track limit is reached, they can buy another bundle of five for an additional $7.50, and so on, working out to $1.50 a track. Each track is a “dual-download,” meaning one copy formatted for the mobile phone will be sent over the air, while another copy is available for download to the PC. Unlike other services, eMusic Mobile contains no DRM protections, just like the company’s online service. AT&T has four phones available with the service, three from Samsung and one from Nokia (technically any AT&T phone with a WAP browser can access the service).
11-07-07 Q-Tip makes new single available online for free
Q-Tip plans to make his new single "WorkItOut," the first from his new album, available as a free download. The track is available now from Q-Tip's site. The new album "The Renaissance" is due in the fall. The new effort features a live band and, with the exception of Common, Outkast's Andre 3000 and D'Angelo, minimal collaborations.
Q-Tip also features on the track "Kids With Words" on the new Wu-Tang Clan album "The 8 Diagrams," which will also be out in the fall.

Rhapsody makes song lyrics available online
Rhapsody will be making legally licensed, accurate lyrics available online in a deal with LyricFind. The online music service will deliver add free, searchable lyrics to more than 200,000 songs. Rhapsody Online is the free version of the Rhapsody music subscription service that allows users to listen to 25 songs a month for free, without needed to download the full Rhapsody application. By adding the LyricFind application to it, Rhapsody Online users can now search for songs by its lyrics, in addition to by artist name, track name and other search criteria. After finding a, users can then stream the track for free, although it does require users to download the basic Rhapsody music player.
04-07-07 Russian music site replaces
Russian music site appears to have ended its online business. Meanwhile another site,, has appeared and lists the same operator, MediaServices, as that of the former site and offers many of the same hit tracks for download but at 10% of the previous low price. Earlier, major labels had called the most notorious of the Russian enterprises that offered pirated music, film and software. Last November, US and Russian governments reached a market access agreement requiring Russia to take action to address piracy. looks like a legitimate American music store, claims to be legal and sells downloads of hit albums for slightly more than $2. However, major record companies did not authorize these sales. MediaServices claims it does not need permission to license music from anyone other than Russian collecting societies. The new online store sells tracks for about 20 to 30 cents each and makes essentially the same claim of being legal as made by
31-05-07 New Manu Chao single available as free download
Manu Chao’s new single "Rainin In Paradise", the first track from his upcoming album "La Radiolina," is available as a free MP3 download from this Web site. The new album is due on September 4. Meanwhile, the artist has just started his US tour.

Apple selling high–quality DRM-free downloads
Apple have started selling songs on iTunes free from copy protection. Thousands of tunes from the EMI label are now available for purchase without the digital rights management (DRM) software which prevents songs both from being copied and played on non-iPod devices. It also means that tunes can be transferred easily from one computer to another.
The DRM-free tracks, available as iTunes Plus, will cost 30-cents more at $1.29 each, but the companies promise that the sound quality will be superior to the standard 99-cent tracks already offered. It was also announced that customers can also upgrade their previously purchased tracks by paying the 30-cent difference. The sound files remain in the AAC format, and are 256k in size, double the size of the standard files.
23-05-07 Illegal downloading down by 24% over last three years
A recent study has found that the number of young people between ages 8 and 18 who have illegally downloaded copyrighted digital content has dropped 24% over the last three years, falling from 60% in 2004 to 43% in 2006 and to 36% in 2007. When respondents were asked what most worries them about illegally downloading copyrighted music, movies, software and games, 62% cited fear of accidentally downloading a computer virus, 52% said they feared getting in legal trouble, 51% said they're afraid of spyware, and 48% said they fear getting in trouble with their parents (up from 40% in 2006). Regarding downloading music, 30% of respondents admitted to downloading music without paying for it, which is down from 32% in 2006 and from 53% in 2004.
16-05-07 RIAA starts fourth round of pre-lawsuit notices
The RIAA has started its fourth round of sending out "pre-lawsuit" letters of copyright enforcement. This process allows the accused to settle at a discount rather than face the potential of a heftier fine. Last week, the RIAA sent 402 pre-lawsuit letters to 13 schools. Since revealing their new strategy in February 2007, three significant rounds of copyright enforcement have been attempted. While seemingly not very different from the RIAA's previous strategy, the main impact has been the reaction of the colleges and universities. Since the school is the student's ISP, the school must track down the student via the IP address/time stamp. When the student is identified, the alleged pirate receives the "pre-lawsuit" letter. The reaction from school campuses has varied. Some have refused the RIAA, while others, such as Ohio University, have severely curtailed P2P usage.

Paul McCartney’s back catalogue available online
EMI has announced that Paul McCartney's entire back catalogue will be made available online. The catalogue will cover his first solo album “McCartney” from 1970 and ranges to his recent “Chaos And Creation In The Backyard” album. McCartney's new album “Memory Almost Full” will be available separately as McCartney has now departed EMI for Concord Music. McCartney’s online appearance may now also pave the way for The Beatles finally being available for download.
04-05-07 Grooveshark signs deal with V2 Music Group for providing content
P2P music service will soon offer content from an extensive music library that includes music by Dave Matthews Band, Cold War Kids, Bloc Party, Aimee Mann, Grandaddy, Chromeo, and Stereophonics. The Grooveshark P2P music sharing network compensates users and copyright holders for offering content for download. Grooveshark will pay the appropriate royalties to music copyright holders by taking commissions from users' transactions and then also compensate users with free music for community participation such as uploading songs, fixing song tags, flagging unwanted files or reviewing music. Grooveshark has now signed a licensing deal with UK-based V2 Music Group.

Peter Gabriel launches ad-supported music download site
Peter Gabriel and others have teamed up to create a new technology and online music site called We7 that will offer ad-supported, DRM-free, MP3 downloads. Each track will container a 10 second or less advertisement and proceeds will go towards paying the artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers, comedians and bands. The ads will apparently be placed on the front of music tracks and albums based on a consumer's personal demographics such as age, location and gender and can be extended into personal preferences. The ads will not remain attached to downloaded MP3’s forever, as after a period of time users will be able to have an ad-free version of the track.
21-03-07 Wippit to make rare Beatles footage available online
UK download service Wippit will make rare footage documenting the rise of the Beatles available for download as part a deal with archive specialist ITN Source. Through the international agreement, content from the British Path, Reuters and ITN collections will be offered online through Wippit for the first time since it originally aired. A range of Beatles interviews and news stories are covered, including an interview with guitarist George Harrison on his 21st birthday, the band meeting Queen Elizabeth, and interviews with the group on the set of the feature film "Help!" Among the other footage is Paul McCartney's admission to taking LSD, Harrison's arrest on drug charges and the backlash to Lennon's controversial comment to the Evening Standard newspaper that the band was "more popular than Jesus." Wippit will offer the video downloads to all territories except for the US.
16-03-07 Beatles download rumor denied
The Beatles' record label Apple has denied rumors that the band's music is about to be made available online. The band is one of the last acts to license their back catalogue to online music stores. Recently UK download site Wippit claimed it would be the first to sell the songs, which immediately prompted The Beatles' record company EMI to issue a statement denying the link-up and asked that the download site removed its claims. Also a potential deal with iTunes was suggested last month after the band's own label Apple settled a long-running trademark dispute with Apple Inc.
09-03-07 RIAA starts anti- piracy website is designed to cut back on the number of lawsuits filed by the RIAA, which it says will reduce the legal cost to those found guilty of downloading music illegally. The RIAA has already sent 400 pre-litigation settlement letters to 13 universities and has asked them to forward those letters to the appropriate network users.
With this new approach, a student, or other network user, can settle the record company claims against him or her at a discounted rate before a lawsuit is ever filed. Next up, the RIAA will target Ares and Gnutella-based peer-to-peer networks such as LimeWire, which are gaining in popularity.
31-01-07 New Silverchair single available online
The single “Straight Lines” is the first Silverchair song from their upcoming new album “Young Modern” and will be available from the band's website and MySpace page this on Friday. The new effort, which is produced by lead singer Daniel Johns and Nick Launey, is in the final stages of production in Canada. The CD version of the new single will be released in March and will also include their cover of Midnight Oil's “I Don't Wanna Be The One”.
09-01-07 US album sales down in 2006 but downloads up again
US album sales have continued to decline in 2006 and were down nearly 5 percent from the previous year. However, total music sales were up due to a large increase in digital downloads. Year-end sales figures released by Nielsen SoundScan show that 588.2 million albums were sold in 2006, which is a 4.9 percent decline from 2005 but digital track sales increased by 65 percent, with 582 million tracks sold and digital album sales more than doubled, with nearly 33 million sold last year. The top-selling album of 2006 was a soundtrack inspired by the Disney Channel movie "High School Musical" which sold more than 3.7 million copies. For the first time ever a digital song, "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter, sold more than 2 million copies in one year. Country group Rascal Flatts was the best selling artist of 2006, with nearly 5 million albums sold and nearly 4 million digital track sales.
06-01-07 Music downloads sales increase UK singles sales by 50%
Music download sales have increased UK singles sales with 50 percent over the past three years. Total UK singles sales for 2006 reached over 65.1 million units, according to the chart compiler, which represents more than twice the quantity sold in the whole of 2004, when 32.3 million units were sold. In 2005 48 million units were sold. Downloads sold represented about 79 percent of total singles sales in 2006.


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