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Today's Recording News
14-12-00 Yamaha develops USB-friendly hard-disk recording device
Yamaha has developed a new UW500 for hardware studios. It combines a compact interface with a software bundle of XGWorks Lite V3.A, S-YXG50 soft synth and TWE Wave Editor. The UW500 features two inputs with mic, guitar and line options and a third phono input for line signals. There is also a digital in and out for recording samples from a CD player, which can then be edited in TWE. For more information, go to
04-12-00 Beastie Boys and Sonic Foundry collaborate in online promotional remix contest
Audio software manufacturer Sonic Foundry and the Beastie`s record label Grand Royal are running a new promotion that will allow to remix their new single. On Grand Royal's website you will find loops and tracks from the Beastie's new single “Alive.”
30-11-00 Peter Frampton launches guitar gear
Peter Frampton and the Haber Corporation of Nashville have begun manufacturing a line of Framptone electronics, based on the gear that Frampton uses both in concert and in the studio. The first product out is the Framptone Amp Switcher. The device allows players to switch between two amplifiers at the touch of a button, as well as combining the amps at will. The device also has a "Last Amp On" indicator, so players don't forget which amp they were playing through before combining their units. The Framptone Amp Switcher will retail for $379.
25-11-00 New E-mu Xtreme Lead-1 dance synth
E-mu has unleashed a new piece of gear, called the Xtreme Lead-1. The Xtreme Lead-1 s housed in a solid, single unit of rack space and has almost identical set-up knobs, buttons and rotary controls as the Audity 2000. Information is presented to you via the LCD. Almost instantly you can determine which midi channel you're working on, which sound is assigned to which channel, the volume, panning, arp setting and bank type. Other pages deal with master settings including 24-bit stereo effects and assignable output options.
19-11-00 Creative expanding digital music empire with Nomad Jukebox
Sim Wong Hoo from Creative believes the portable music player will be "10 times more successful" than his company's Sound Blaster line of sound cards. Sound Blasters created, and now control, the market for PC audio. He expects to ship more that 200,000 of the $500 Jukebox players during the first year of distribution, but expects that will be a fraction of the potential demand. Sim is investing heavily in content providers and infrastructure companies while simultaneously pursuing relationships with record labels to bolster future Nomad Jukebox products.
17-10-00 TC Electronic release new multi-band processor
Triple•C multi-band, envelope and full-band compressor, is a new signal processor from TC Electronic. The three compression techniques operated from an analog-like hardware user interface, presets and full MIDI automation make Triple•C a versatile and ergonomic compressor. These features makes it capable of handling virtually any compression situation.Get more info from

Electrix launch digital rack-recorder
Electrix's new Repeater includes DSP technology and an interactive interface. The Repeater offers MIDI sequencer style control over audio loops by allowing independent, real-time manipulation of tempo, key and track offset. The Repeater is said to provide real-time control over samples or loops. It will cost about $749. Surf to for the latest.
11-10-00 Revolutionary new vocoder from Prosoniq
Prosoniq says it has developed the fastest, most flexible and most transparent-sounding simulation of an analogue vocoder as a new Real-Time AudioSuite plug-in. The software is called the Orange vocoder and is an all-digital simulation of an analogue vocoder effect. It is fully customizable and comes with an 8-voice virtual analogue synth unit, Freeform EQ and Filterbank Reverb. The Orange vocoder is claimed to require less processing power than most vocoders on the market. More about the new Prosoniq software can be found at
07-10-00 New version of PCDJ available online
A brand-new and improved version of PCDJ is available online now. It is said to have many feature enhancements, including better sound and a new cleaner interface with no pop-up windows. The upgrade can be downloaded for free. Go to for more info.
29-09-00 Nemesys release new GigaStudio
Nemesys have released a new GigaStudio (verion 2.01). The new GigaStudio line of professional sampling workstations has gained the support of over 44 professional audio interface cards, 16 professional sound library companies, 5 turnkey system manufacturers and 4 music software developers. Major film and television music production facilities currently use GigaStudio 160 and the new version has some fundamental improvements to music authoring which means almost endlessly sampling capacity, limited only by hard disk space. Find out the latest at
New Studiomaster series
The new Studiomaster series, which comprises four specific live and studio consoles, are named Club 2000 Hi Z Plus and Studiomaster. The consoles have retained many of the features that made their predecessors popular. The C102 DSP-Hi Z also includes 32-bit digital effects along with its eight channels. For more information go to
05-09-00 Creamware release new studio package for PC and Mac
SCOPE/SP, the new SCOPE DSP technology-based studio product by Creamware, comprises a PCI card with 15 SHARC DSPs and a software package for synthesis, sampling, effects processing and mixing. The system works in conjunction with any sequencer/recording program, but also can be used as a stand-alone system. Get more info at

Chicken release sample translator
Translator is a brand new translator program by Chicken to cover all professional sample formats. The program allows users to view the entire content of proprietary formatted hard drives and CD-ROM’s. Any sound file can be copied and read onto a computer’s hard drive for backup and storage, or that sound can be written onto any other proprietary format hard drive. Translator translates the sound into the new format, for use in the respective sampler and translates most popular DOS-based formats. Take a look at for more.
28-08-00 New Allen & Heath DJ mixer out
Allen & Heath release anew mixer, called the Xone:32. The new mixer incorporates a dynamic feature set which represents a new advance in the tools available to the artist. The revolutionary Direct Recall System (DRSTM) is unique among performance mixers to the Xone:32, where mixer settings can be stored in up to 4 user presets that can be instantly recalled by simply pressing a button. More info at
27-08-00 Roland launches sampling revolution VP-9000
Vari Phrase; a new technology from Roland is believed to reshape the world of sampling. The technology provides complete control over pitch, groove, timing and formant in real time. Get the latest from
19-08-00 Magix adds remix facilities
Magix playR deLuxe is the latest offering from Magix, designed as an interactive hi-fi system with video and remix facilities. With the play mode of the software, you can automatically composes your personal music programs plus videos In the Remix Mode you make your own versions of your favourite songs by putting them in a remix. More information can be found at

FruityLoops release extensive software update
FruityLoops, the drum, loop and synth creation software has released an upgrade. The FruityLoops Company has just released version 2.7 of FruityLoops, with a few new additions including an Integrated Beatslicer editor, updated LAME MP3 encoder. Registered user can get the upgrade for free. Go to for the latest.
Yamaha releases new soundbox
DJXIIB is the name of the new Yamaha soundbox. Modelled on the look of a 12" record case, the 70 on-board patterns can be modified in real time using the filter and resonance controls and up to 11 separate effects including ring modulation, flanger, slicer and delay. No extra gear is needed to use the DJXIIB, as it comes equipped with stereo speakers and is fully MIDI compatible. Get the latest from
Crest Audio adds X-VCA to console series
Crest Audio has added a new console to its X-series. The X-VCA offers VCA control of many of the major features. At the heart of the X-VCA is a input EQ system; each mono channel includes a variable high pass filter and four band fully parametric EQ with high and low frequencies switchable to bell shaped curves. Parametric output EQ and adjustable RMS limiters, to assist the engineer in handling local noise ordinances, are included on the mono and stereo outputs. More info at
06-08-00 New Sony digital music player no MP3 player
The Sony Portable Memory Stick Player is a digital music player, but it is not an MP3 player. Instead, Sony uses a proprietary compression scheme called ATRAC3 (Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding 3) that is a competitor to the MP3 format. The unit does feature a with software to convert MP3 files to the ATRAC3 format. The Memory Stick player comes with 64 MB of memory on a proprietary flash card called appropriately, the Memory Stick. The Memory Stick player uses a USB connection to download tunes from the computer. The unit costs about $399 for the 64MB unit, double what most 64MB players sell for. Furthermore, a number of players including Sensory Science's RaveMP 2100 and 2200, the i2Go eGo, and the Creative Labs Nomad II offer several additional features for the price. This includes FM Radio, voice recording, text capabilities, metal case, and car kits with cassette and cigarette lighter adapters.
02-08-00 GrooveMaker 2.0 out now
The latest version of GrooveMaker 2.0 is available for all platforms. It is available for Mac OS, Windows and BeOs now. It is a tool for creating non-stop dance tracks in real time. New features to this latest version of GrooveMaker are improved interface controls, enhanced real-time performance capabilities, easy mixing and matching of numerous types of audio files, including MP3. Check out more at
28-07-00 New Korg Triton workstation and sampler
The Triton-Rack adds digital outputs, more expansion options, including mLAN and even more sounds. The new Triton-Rack suits the expandable and digital environment studio and can also be used live on stage. Featuring all the sound power, sampling functionality, intuitive operation, and expandability of the Triton keyboard series all in a 2unit rack. The new Korg workstation will be available this autumn and will cost about $3000.
MP3-based CD Player from Philips
Philips have released eXpanium, a portable MP3-based CD player designed specifically to play discs full of MP3 files. The company claims domestically produced CD-R gives you up to ten hours of playback time and the rapid increase in popularity of the CD writer for home PCs unlikely to trouble its target audience.
New Muon synth called Electron
The Electron is the first full-scale VST synth from Muon and features three 64-bit oscillators, two independent multi-mode resonant filters, and multiple modulation routings. The oscillators include sawtooth, variable pulse, and square and also offer oscillator sync and pulse-width modulation. There's also a pair of independent envelope generators, not to mention two LFO's, with selectable waves usable as modulation sources.More info on the Muon site at
New Nomad MP3 player supports Macintosh format
Nomad II permits several hours of audio and 4 hours of voice recording with its 64MB SmartMedia flash memory card. It also features a built-in FM tuner that allows users to store up to 32 of your favourite music and radio stations. Except for communication with PC's, for downloading MP3's, the new Mac OS will also take the numerous possibilities of the Nomad II to a wider audience. You can store and edit playlists, categorise them by genres, artists, date recorded, and more. Check it out at
30-06-00 NTONYX develops MIDI morphing tool
NTONYX has released SM2.4, which is a real-time tool for morphing the harmony, rhythm, voices of MIDI songs. Focused towards composers, arrangers and music fans, SM2.4 is intended to create many different types of transformations of MIDI-songs or fragments of songs. Check out NTONYX for more info at
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