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12-12-08 New Eminem and Dr Dre song leaks
A new song by Eminem and Dr. Dre has leaked to the internet. The track is titled “Number One” and features Eminem rapping. It is rumored to have been produced by Dr Dre, although Dre's vocals do not feature on this version of the song. The song was included in a mixtape by DJ’s Big Mike and Neptune titled “4th Quarter Pressure, Part 2.” “Number One” is rumored to be included on Dr Dre's upcoming new album “Detox” rather than on Eminem's comeback album “Relapse” which is set for 2009 release date.

Oasis release exclusive iTunes EP
Oasis have released a special US-only iTunes exclusive EP. The EP includes previously unreleased material including a demo version of the current single “I’m Outta Time” and remix versions of “The Shock Of The Lightning” and “To Be Where There’s Life.” The band are currently touring the US.
05-12-08 Simply Red offers online bonus content
With Simply Red’s latest release buyers can access and download some extra content by visiting Online content includes a one-off, rare acoustic version of Mick Hucknall performing Simply Red’s “Stars” as well as some exclusive Simply Red wallpapers and a 19 minute interview with Mick Hucknall about the history of the band. For promotional purposes Simply Red will also embark on a world tour.

George Michael releases new Christmas song as a free download
George Michael will make a new tracks titled “December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)” available for download on Christmas Day. The song will be available to download for free from Michael's official website and other digital stores. It is Michael's first Christmas-themed song since 's 1984’s “Last Christmas.” The new song was recorded for the US TV show Eli Stone, which he has a recurring cameo role in.
27-11-08 Beatles/iTunes negotiations held back by EMI
The Beatles' back catalog will not be available on iTunes any time soon, according to Paul McCartney. While launching his new album by his alias the Fireman, McCartney said that Apple and EMI could not agree on terms to release the Beatles' catalog to iTunes and other download services. McCartney is very much in favour of making the songs available online but apparently Beatles’ record label EMI is still blocking the deal.
The Fireman's "Electric Arguments" albu is the third released by McCartney under that alias with collaborator Youth. It will be the first with vocals.

New Prodigy track available online for free
“Invaders Must Die” is the new song for The Prodigy and it is free to download from their website. The song will available for one week only. There will also be a High Definition video download of 'Invaders Must Die' available Downloads can be obtained from The video will also be streamed from
29-10-08 Gnarls Barkley releasing digital EP
Gnarls Barkley is releasing four different versions of the song "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" on a digital EP with the same name, that is due November 11. Also included is a live version of "Neighbors" and the non-album track "Mystery Man." Accoring to group member Cee-Lo, the song is about James Brown. Having toured in support of their second album "The Odd Couple," Gnarls Barkley will now take it easy a bit while preparing for new projects.
15-10-08 New AC/DC album illegally downloaded 400,000 after leaking online
AC/DC's new album “Black Ice” leaked to the internet on October 7 and has been downloaded over 400,000 times since. The album is officially set for release on October 20, and will not be available as a legal download. AC/DC boycott Apple's iTunes download service as well as other similar services which is motivated by a desire to ensure their fans enjoy their albums as wholes, not simply a few tracks at a time.
07-10-08 Apple wins royalties case
Apple has won a lawsuit by the National Music Publishers Association over an application to raise royalty fees for songs purchased from online music stores. The association asked the US Copyright Royalty Board to increase iTunes royalty rates paid by artists by 66 per cent (from 9 cents to 15 cents per track) but the request was refused last week. An application made by Apple to decrease the rate to 4.8 cents per song was also refused, although the board did agree to freeze the rate at 9.1 cents for the next five years.
03-09-08 New Metallica song available online
Metallica have made another track from their forthcoming new album “Death Magnetic” available online on their website. The song is titled “Cyanide” and can also be obtained from iTunes. The band have also posted a video to first single “The Day That Never Comes.” The video for the track shows soldiers travelling through the desert cut with shots of the band performing in the same landscape.
28-08-08 Illinois State University starts blocking illegal file-sharing Websites
Illinois State University will launch a new website promoting legal alternatives after it restricts use of illegal file-sharing websites on campus networks. Due to recent legislation that was enforced on August 14 Illinois State University has decided to begin prohibiting the use of P2P and file-sharing applications and services on the campus network. To assist students trying to find legal alternatives to file-sharing, the university has decided to launch a site called BirdTrax which provides a comprehensive list of alternatives.

Blogger arrested for leaking new unreleased Guns 'N Roses tracks
A blogger suspected of leaking tracks from Guns N Roses forthcoming album “Chinese Democracy” was arrested in Los Angeles. FBI agents took 27-year-old Kevin Cogill into custody on suspicion of violating federal copyright laws. Cogill admitted to posting nine unreleased Guns ‘N Roses songs on his website in June. Prosecutors claim that the leak may have caused "significant" financial losses for the band.
21-08-08 Bloc Party release mp3 version of new album this week
Bloc Party have released their new album on August 21. The band announced the release during a webchat on August 18. The album will be titled “Intimacy” and is the band's third album. It is available on CD as well as mp3 from Fans can choose whether to pay either about $10 for a high-quality mp3 bundle available on August 21, $16 for a CD available on October 27 or $20 for a combined order. The CD release of the new Bloc Party effort will include additional tracks unavailable in the current release.
01-08-08 David Byrne and Brian Eno release new album
David Byrne and Brian Eno are releasing their first album in 27 years, titled "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today." The set will be out August 18 exclusively and will exclusively available through A free download of one track is available from August 4 on. "Happens" will be available as an enhanced CD at in the future.
20-06-08 Kiss: fans have killed the record industry with illegal dowloading
Kiss have declared that the record industry is "dead". According to bassist Gene Simmonds his band is refusing to record new material until illegal downloading ceases, calling the act of downloading "uncivilised". Simmons blames the fans as "they've decided to download and file-share.” Singer Paul Stanley also said that the band's policy is to only play old hits live. According to Stanley "with any classic band that hits the road, the last thing you want to hear is their new songs."
27-05-08 New Elvis Presley remix by DJ Agostino Spankox available online
After being remixed by Junkie XL (“A Little Less Conversation”) and Paul Oakenfold (“Rubberneckin”), Elvis Presley will now receive a remix makeover by DJ Agostino Spankox. The new Elvis remix will be “Baby Let's Play House.” The song will be made available online this week and will only be available on CD at Graceland or from
23-05-08 Peter Gabriel providing new online music project
Peter Gabriel is preparing to provide cheap album downloads in a new subscription service. The music club is set to record exclusive albums live at Gabriel's Real World Studios in Bath, which will then be available to download for a month in the MP3 fromat. One album will be offered each month to those who subscribe to the service, which will provide free studio time to the artists involved and also return their rights to the music after two months. Artists in the project include Skip McDonald's Little Axe Collective and singer-songwriter Gwyneth Herbert.

Michael Jackson and Bob Marley suing The Pirate Bay
Michael Jackson has joined a list of artists suing The Pirate Bay for $100 million in damages they say have been caused by the BitTorrent tracker site's "facilitation of copyright infringement." According The Pirate Bay, Bob Marley's Estate is also suing them. Meanwhile, the Sweden-based site celebrates entering the top 100 of the world's most visited websites. It recently reached spot 97 and its three month average is 97 as well.
15-05-08 Metallica open special Website
While the new Metallica album is nearing its September release date, the band has launched the Website "Mission: Metallica" to offer fans exclusive content and teasers of new songs. Fans signing up will be eligible to win backstage passes to shows this summer. Metallica will be touring this summer in advance of the as-yet-untitled album.
06-05-08 Latest Nine Inch Nails album available online for free
Nine Inch Nails have made their new album “The Slip” available online for free. The album is available for download from their website. The set is set for a conventional CD and vinyl release in July. “The Slip” was produced by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder. Nine Inch Nails previously released their album “Ghost I-IV” online in March, with fans choosing how much to pay to download it.

First new Offspring single available as free download
The Offspring has set a June 17 release date for their new album “Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace.” The band has made a free download of their first single “Hammerhead” available online on the band’s official Web site. The new 12-track effort by The Offspring was originally due in March and was produced by Bob Rock. Rick Rubin also assisted throughout the recording process. Besides a conventional CD and digital release, a gatefold vinyl edition of “Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace” will be available.
30-04-08 New Coldplay single available online
Coldplay will make their new single "Violet Hill" available online as a free download. The track is the lead single from their upcoming studio album "Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends." While "Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends" is due on June 17 in the US, the European release date has been moved up four days to June 12.
16-04-08 New Portishead album to be previewed online
Portishead have revealed more information about their new album “Third.” The album will be streamed on via website from April 21. The songs will be free to listen to online but people will have to pay to download any of the tracks. This will mark the first time that has made an entire album available online before its official release date.
10-04-08 Apple iTunes becomes biggest music retailer in the US
A new study has revealed that if 12 song downloads are considered the equal of one physical CD album, Apple’s iTunes has overtaken previous market-leader Wal-Mart in terms of music sales. Over 50 million people have downloaded music from iTunes since its 2001 launch. iTunes' move into the top spot came about during January and February, when iTunes Christmas gift cards were being cashed in.

MySpace to offer music download service
MySpace is set to launch a new music download service that will allow users to download songs, mobile phone ringtones and desktop wallpapers from its website. The company has not yet confirmed how much music downloads and other services will cost. Major labels Sony BMG, Universal and Warner Music Group have already signed up to the new MySpace Music service.
26-03-08 New Costello album on vinyl only with digital download code
Elvis Costello's next solo studio album "Momofuku" will be out on April 22. Initially, the effort will be released on vinyl only, with a digital download code included in the package. The album is the follow-up to "The Delivery Man" from 2004.
13-03-08 New R.E.M. album available through iLike
R.E.M.'s new album "Accelerate" is about to be made available for the first time through networking application iLike. The event will allow fans to stream and share "Accelerate" in its entirety beginning March 24, a week ahead of the album's April 1 release date. The iLike launch will make the 11-song set freely available to anyone and will be accompanied by a video of the band talking about the album.

Digital reissue of Kelly Rowland’s Ms. Kelly album
Kelly Rowland will release a digital-only album on March 25. The 7-song set "Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe" includes five new tracks plus remixes of the songs "Come Back" and "Like This" featuring Eve. The original versions of those remixes appeared on Rowland's original version of "Ms. Kelly." Rowland's current single "Work" was issued as an EP of dance mixes in the US and a second remix EP for new single "Daylight," featuring Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, was released in the US recently.
04-03-08 New Nine Inch Nails album available online
Nine Inch Nails is using the Internet to distribute its new instrumental album "Ghosts I-IV." "Ghosts" will also be released physical on April 8. Fans can receive the first nine songs from the 36-track project for free, or the entire album can be bought digitally for $5. The effort is likely to spawn additional volumes. According to band member Reznor, they worked with Alan Moulder, Atticus Ross, Alessandro Cortini, Adrian Belew and Brian Viglione. There are several other ordering options available for "Ghosts I-IV."
07-02-08 Yahoo replaces own online music subscription service with Rhapsody
Yahoo is quitting on its online subscription music service and replacing it with Rhapsody America. Yahoo will exclusively promote Rhapsody on its site and integrate the service into Yahoo Music. Yahoo is one of the most popular music sites on the Internet claiming 23 million visitors to its music section, but only a small percentage signed on for Yahoo Music Unlimited. The company also announced that it has acquired FoxyTunes, a toolbar plug-in that lets users control desktop and Web music players and find lyrics, videos and other music information. Rhapsody is jointly owned by MTV and RealNetworks.
25-01-08 Pirate Bay charged with breaking copyright law
Sweden is planning to charge the Pirate Bay, one of the world's most popular Web sites, with being accessories in breaking copyright law. Pirate Bay helps Web surfers share copyrighted music and film files, which is illegal in many countries, including Sweden. No copyright material is stored on Pirate Bay's servers and no swapping of files actually takes place there. Rather, Pirate Bay locates file sharers on the Internet and acts as a directory of so-called torrent files. BitTorrent is a protocol that enables big file transfers. The torrent files, downloadable from Pirate Bay, contain the information needed to download film or music files from others. The Pirate Bay claim they cannot be held responsible for material that is being spread and that there is no legal ground for the charges.
25-01-08 Orange to launch online music service in France
The French Orange group have unveiled an interactive customizable online radio station, called Musiline. The advertising-driven service offers secure access to streamed tracks, allowing users to create their own personalised programs based on favored musical genres, favorite titles or artists. Users can also download music for €0.99 ($1.45) per track at the web site. The new service is operated in exclusive partnership with French music service company Yacast, which developed the technology.
16-01-08 Sony BMG makes music available as MP3 through Amazon
Sony BMG Music Entertainment will make its music content available as MP3 through Amazon. and will allow its music to be sold via the unprotected format on the digital download store. Recently Sony BMG's also announced that it will sell album-specific digital download gift cards that will be redeemed in the MP3 format.
09-01-08 Sony BMG into MP3 with digital album cards
Sony BMG will roll out its Platinum MusicPass series of digital album cards starting January 15 at various retail outlets. It will be the company's first commercial journey into the world of MP3 in the US, as until recently Sony BMG favored selling files with digital rights management capabilities only. The digital album gift cards, will be available for $12.99, and are artist-specific. Digital album cards feature album artwork and will include bonus material. The card works with a scratch-off that will reveal a PIN number that can be redeemed for a download at Titles include the Backstreet Boys' "Unbreakable"; Bruce Springsteen's "Magic"; Celine Dion's "Taking Chances"; John Mayer's "Continuum" and various compilations.

Flo Rida breaks single-week record digital sales figures
Flo Rida's US single number one "Low" has sold 470,000 digital copies which is a single-week record that previously was held by Fergie's "Fergalicious" at 294,000 copies.
Digital sales are still on the rise and reached an all-time high last week, as five songs posted triple-digit percentage increases on the Hot Digital Songs chart.

Napster to offer unprotected MP3s
Napsterhas announced that it will begin selling music downloads as unprotected MP3 files in the spring. The file format change will apply only to single tracks and album purchases. Tracks of the company's music subscription service will continue to have copyright restrictions.
05-01-08 Lil Wayne releases EP as download only
With his next album, "Tha Carter III," pushed back to February, rapper Lil Wayne put out a five-song digital EP on Christmas day, titled "The Leak." The tracks are available as digital downloads from, iTunes and Rhapsody only. Several weeks ago, Lil Wayne pushed back "Tha Carter III" back from December 2007 to February 2008 due to leaks of several album tracks.

Panic! At The Disco makes new track available online
In anticipation of the new Panic! At The Disco that is set for a March release date, the band has posted a rough demo of a new song, presumably from the forthcoming album, titled "We're So Starving". The band also announced that they will be wrapping up work at their home studio soon. After that, the band will move to London to record strings and horns for the new album at the legendary Abbey Road Studios where the album will also be mixed. Panic! At The Disco recently shot a video in Los Angeles for the album's first single "Nine In The Afternoon."


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